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One more review

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I forgot to review Super Folks last night. That review is up on Bell Book and Candle now as well.

New reviews

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

A couple new capsule reviews are up on Bell Book and Candle.

New Capsules

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

A couple new capsule reviews are finally up on Bell, Book, and Candle.

Into the Longbox

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Man these are way less regular than I imagine them to be. There’s a lot to catch up on, so:

A bunch of Captain America, Brubaker, et al. (Specifically, Captain America #50, #600-601 and Reborn #1). These all feel kind of hiccoughy. Honestly the reason I’m lumping them together here is that they’re all lumped in one mass in my brain as well. The pacing isn’t right and one gets the impression that the coordination of this arc with the rest of the Marvel Universe is throwing Brubaker’s usual pacing off. The fanboy in me will stick around to see Steve Rogers come back, but the critic in me isn’t very pleased. I note that #601 features art by the legendary Gene Colan, and that’s always worth seeing.

Batman and Robin #1-2, Morrison and Quitely. I’m a sucker for these two. However, despite several nice touches in Morrison’s writing, I’m really not getting involved in the central arc of the story so far. Maybe it’s because Damien’s so uniformly unlikable. Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of touch with Dick so long. Maybe it’s because someone else being Batman automatically feels like an Elseworlds. I’ll stick around a couple more issues, but this could easily drop off the list.

Secret Six #11, Simone, Scott, Hazlewood. I suppose that I could say that I’ve finally found something to dislike in Secret Six in that every difference of opinion among the Six leads to fisticuffs, but that’s kind of a genre thing. Still, the protagonists can punch each other once an issue if I get Artemis’s soliloquy on gulags or Jeanette’s simple clarity in rescuing someone she hates from a situation she finds unconscionable. Pitch perfect characters in a genre world.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit #29, Mottler and Rivoche. A one-shot that wasn’t anything marvelous. It was a well told crime story with the Spirit taking a hand, but nothing jaw-dropping. There’s a lot to like here, but not enough to love.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit #30, Oeming. I can’t say I followed the plot closely here, or would have liked it if I had, but Oeming’s dynamic layout and loose, flowing art are really fun to skim through.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit #31, Ploog and Green. While the last two issues have been stories with the Spirit in them, this is a Spirit story – of a sort. There’s the vaguely ridiculous magical caricature running around, mysterious goings on from the government, and The Spirit getting knocked around to a laughable degree. So far Ploog and Green are holding the whole shambling mess together in an entertaining story, but it could easily come apart. Still, Eisner pulled off this sort of thing with some regularity, and maybe these guys can too.

Incognito #4 & 5, Brubaker and Phillips. We’re finding out more about the world that underlies Incognito, and honestly it’s less interesting to me than the noir edge that Zack’s been walking. More plot and less characterization than I think is healthy. The plot’s fairly conventional – and maybe more than I want to suspend disbelief for – but it was fun following a down-on-his-luck super-villain through witness protection. I’ll stick around for the conclusion, though.

Nexus: Space Opera #3 & 4, Baron and Rude. If you’re expecting me to say something bad about Nexus, you can forget it. This little present arrived somewhat out of the blue, and I suspect only Nexus fans and completeists care, but I was happy to see it.

Glamourpuss #8, Sim. Man, can we please get rid of any writing not about comics photrealism? The art’s gorgeous and the history’s interesting (though we’re on a bit of a digression about Margaret Mitchell’s involvement with The Heart of Juliette Jones that I could live without), but the alleged parody just isn’t working at all for me.