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Busy couple weeks

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Here are a few links and other stuff I’ve been meaning to pass on:

One Day I’ll Kill You – delightfully exploitive golden age comics.

Elfquest is on line now. Some seminal early 80’s independent comics.  I’ve read them all once, but don’t have copies.

Wondering when we’ll see Gustave Whitehead in Doktor Sleepless.

William Safire’s take on waterboarding.

More free seminal comics: Alan Moore and John Totleben’s “The Anatomy Lesson” from their unbelievable Swamp Thing run.  All of Vertigo started here, IMHO.

Warren Ellis‘s photo recommendations aren’t always awful.

Oh, and we had a critter stop by.

Heidemann and piracy

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

International playboy John Heidemann is quoted by the LA Times on electronic piracy at USC.

Into the longbox

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Captain America #35, Burbaker, Guice, D’Armata. I don’t know if Epting is gone for good, or if Guice is just filling in. I’d be delighted if he stuck around; I’ve enjoyed his art since he did the Mike Baron Flash restart in the 80’s.

Back in the plot, things are bubbling along nicely, with the Skull’s plan in full swing, Bucky stepping into Cap’s role, and something horrible being visited on Sharon. Tense thrilling stuff. And I’m enough of a 14-year old boy to be looking forward to Bucky wiping the floor with the Serpent Squad next issue. (Yes, that sentence was an utter joy to write.)

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #6, Palmiotti, Gray, Arlem. Lots going on this issue as the good guys wriggle in the Red Bee’s trap and help comes from an obscure hero. Well, indirectly. There’s also this ongoing Doll Man subplot that I just find distracting. The art looks much less phoned-in/photoshopped. Still a potboiler, but pretty decent.

Young Liars #1, David Lapham. Apparently Vertigo pays better than the self-publishing gig, according to the brief interview in here. It’s David Lapham in full on Stray Bullets mode. OK, not full on Stray Bullets mode; that would be Stray Bullets, but similar themes. If anything Young Liars seems a little more fast-paced. This is really a set-up, meet-the-cast issue that turns out to be reasonably enjoyable. I’ll check in again to see where it goes.

Gravel #1, Ellis, Wolfer, Caceres. So far still mostly random violence as Gravel runs down the Sigsand Manuscript, which seems to be leaving a swath of evil in its wake. So far just a random horror/adventure tale, but there are hints of a bigger picture. I’m an Ellis fan, so I’ll give him a few more issues to drag me in.

Badger Saves the World #3, Baron & Caron. This is actually getting a little better. I can’t really nail it down, but this had more of a Badger rhythm than #1 & #2. Baron’s still about as subtle as a car bomb in his characterization of Arabs, but things are moving more harmoniously now. It’s nice to see Riley (OK, Qwami) still has it and that Dr. Buick Riviera is still out there. I’m not sure I can recommend it for general consumption yet, but I’m enjoying it more.

The Last Defenders #1, Casey, Geffen, Muniz. I’ve been on kind of a Defenders kick lately – but for another post – so I picked this up. Super-hero action with Geffen’s love of the big supernatural stuff in the background. So far OK, but just OK.

Gary Gygax

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

The very idea that Gary Gygax is something that could die, much less that he has, seems impossible.  As they often do, the Penny Arcade guys seem to have this in focus pictorally and verbally.