Little things: Painted Gas Caps

Last week 32169 went in for annual inspection, followed by a week of rain so that I couldn’t fly her.  Today I went out and flew around a little to make sure all was well.  You’d think that right after a big teardown inspection everything would be perfect, and usually that’s true, but it’s always a flight I approach with extra caution.  That’s why I didn’t fly her in the rain – something I’m usually just as happy to do.

Anyway, the flight was great and everything was pretty much perfect.  There was an added bonus.  I’d asked about painting my fuel caps and that had been done.  I’d picked up a new cap a couple years ago when on the road and had never gotten it painted.  Now it looks beautiful.  I feel like the plane has doubled in value!  Of course it hasn’t; used airplane values are not doing well lately.

Gaze on the beauty of my painted cap:

A white gas cap!

A white gas cap!

Incidentally, you know you fly the same plane a lot when you realize that after painting the caps, your mechanic has put them on the “wrong” wing tanks.  You know you’re whack-o when you fix that.

One Response to “Little things: Painted Gas Caps”

  1. Brian Davidson Says:

    Funny! I’ll have to label label those beauties:)