Run like a man!

I’m guessing that my racewalking friends are not amused by Mr. T.  The AV Club covers the brouhaha.

2 Responses to “Run like a man!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Definitely not amused, but I’m not sure my reaction has anything to do with being a racewalker. I think it has to do with my knowledge of the kinds of violence and fear that gays are subjected to in our world, and my belief that media bits like these feed those who perpetrate that violence and fear. The first time I saw the ad I just assumed that a friend was playing a joke, because no company that ever wanted to sell candy to kids again would ever, ever run such an ad. Every decent person I know is boycotting them, I hope you’ll join us.

  2. faber Says:

    I don’t condone anyone being assaulted absent them posing a clear, present physical danger to another person who has exhausted their options. I believe people should be judged on their individual merits, not on physical appearance, religious choice, or any of the other markers that the lazy use to discriminate “us” from “them.”

    I’m also not going to be boycotting Mars, Inc. I won’t presume to tell you how to spend your money or that you oughtn’t be offended by this advertisement. I will tell you why I am not offended.

    To me this is a cartoon of a cartoon. It’s easily as far removed from reality as Daffy and Bugs negotiating with Elmer about which of them gets shot.

    As such, I don’t believe this advertisement encourages real world violence or justifies bigotry. I do think that those who would use it as a defense for violence will find deaf ears throughout society, and furthermore that they should.

    I am sad that you believe me to be indecent for believing that, but I do.