Überlingen verdict

A Swiss court has handed down a verdict against air traffic control managers in the mid-air collision over Ãœberlingen. That the verdict cleared the controllers and found the managers guilty of manslaughter should give those who want to privatize ATC something to think about. If you don’t remember this accident, let Don Brown tell you all about it.

2 Responses to “Überlingen verdict”

  1. meg Says:

    The most striking thing about that whole affair is the subsequent murder of the controller by an angry father…

    BTW, you’ve heard about Steve Fossett being missing, right?

  2. faber Says:

    Yeah the murder is just amazing. You’ve got to be very angry to hunt down a controller. I have some vague idea where to start, but if you’re just an angry random person, how do you even do it?

    I’d heard Fossett was missing, too, but figured the mainstream news would announce it loudly enough.