More interesting walking on the moon. Or dragonslaying.

I named this blog after the Police song as a play on words about my general aimlessness here and the fact that it’s broadcast from my secret base on the moon. A much better candidate for the name has shown up and I thought I’d point her out.

I’ve handed some space here to a friend who’s much more serious about walking than I am. She’s been a pretty dedicated race walker for a couple years now and probably would have continued doing her thing and never picked up a blogging pen except for a recent unfortunate event.

Some sap made the mistake of implying that she couldn’t take on the longest competition race in that sport. In public. Now, implying she can’t do something is already a strong impetus for her to just turn around and do it, but the human in question claimed she couldn’t do it because she was born with a pair of X chromosomes rather than an unmatched set.
As Bugs says: “Of course you know, this means war.”

Now, you might say that this is tilting at a windmill. I might even say that, if I was talking about anyone else. This friend of mine, however, has decorated her home in dragon scales from the victories she’s scored over opponents others couldn’t even identify.

She writes clearly and describes her road with humor and passion. Even if you don’t care a whit about racewalking, I think you’ll find something worth reading over here. Take a look. She’s been updating regularly. If you see something you like, drop her a comment; encouragement can only help her slay this dragon and us see more posts.

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