Planning to go to Seattle

I’ve got business and pleasure in Seattle next week, and I’m planning to fly myself up, along with a friend up in Monterey. I’ve been laying out flight plans for both IFR and VFR possibilities. Here’s what they look like (maps via, which has a Google Maps interface. If you don’t like the charts, select map or satellite from the menu.):

There are a few twists and turns in there, either to avoid protected or busy airspace, or just to overfly more hospitable terrain. The IFR plans look a little more complex, because there are more points along the routes. These are what I’ll file (probably) if I need to, actual routes may be more direct. There are more IFR legs, including two choices for getting to Salem, OR, depending on what the weather over the mountains between California and Oregon look like.

Of course, all this planning is a bit speculative. Who knows what fires, weather, or presidential visits might pop up between this week and next. But the flight planning helps me familiarize myself with the lay of the land and get ready for the trip.

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