A few links to check out

I’ve been meaning to post some links for a while, but life’s had other plans for me. Here’s a dump of fun stuff on the web.

This is apparently making the rounds, but some clever human(s) have done a pretty hysterical spoof of all the Shakespeare-based teen movies with a Biblical one. Courtesy of the Onion AV Club.

In addition to the AV Club’s other fine work, they also bring me The Hater, without whom I wouldn’t know that the American press thinks that Iraqi love for Lionel Ritchie is news. I also wouldn’t know that the National Review will apparently publish anything. Now I know shooting holes in this thing is, in P.J. O’Rourke’s immortal phrase, “like shooting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope.” But just FYI, Frankie Goes to Hollywood quotes Coleridge pretty directly (see #29), but I guess they’re not as butch as Iron Maiden. I see that the “fact checkers” have also realized that Falco wrote “Der Kommissar,” not ATF. It’s amazingly bad work, even on such a puff piece. Though it’s nice to see someone else liked ATF’s version of “Der Kommissar.”
Warren Ellis spotted this televangelist just popping a gasket on the air. The bizarre rant about getting a Ph.D at Stanford so he wouldn’t have to talk to morons is worth it. I hope I remember it when I finally snap.

Heaven knows where Rod Van Meter found this clip of radar showing FedEx arrivals to Memphis as a big thunderstorm arrives but I’m glad he did. If you’re wondering why captains get the big bucks, this doesn’t look easy.

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