I found a little time today to go out to Flabob airport and see how the basin was doing. It looks a little burned, and there’s still a lot of smoke/haze hanging around. There were lots of people up and around, though. It was busy on most frequencies today – especially Santa Monica ground for some reason.

Flabob itself remains a classic small airport. There were several people coming and going. A tailwheel pilot stopped by the EAA hangar, apparently to see what was going on; there was a Mooney practicing take-offs and landings; a newish looking LSA was on the ramp and departed while I was there; there were a couple other transients floating around. I stopped in to the cafe for a patty melt and watched the world go by.

I took a couple pictures, below. One is the Flabob weather rock, which I had reported as INOP in 2006. It’s been functioning for a while, and I’m happy to have photographic evidence.

The last two are at Santa Monica, and are interesting not for what’s in them (though my plane is always cool to see), but for the tree that isn’t in them. Apparently they’ve cut down the tree that hung over my parking spot and shed seed pods and bird droppings on it. This is good. Good day all around, really.

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