Condiment of the week

It’s a little alarming that my friend Tim sent me a link to the baconnaise purveyors.  As much as I love bacon – and it really is an unhealthy amount – it’s kind of a scary moment when you realize you’re the “bacon guy.”

It’s much more alarming when your mom sends you the same link a day later.  My mom thinks I’m the bacon guy.

Don’t let my whining take the coolness of the baconnaise away, though.  And you should also check out their novel funding strategy for their company.

3 Responses to “Condiment of the week”

  1. Tim Buchheim Says:

    Yes, you are the bacon guy (although I primarily think of you as General Aviation Guy)… but is that really so bad? There are worse possibilities…

  2. bpod Says:

    You *did* notice it’s vegetarian, right?

    And apparently it’s available at Fry’s. Shall we saddle up for a shopping trip?

  3. faber Says:

    There sure are worse things than being the bacon guy.

    I just love that these guys are producing a suite of bacon-flavored vegetarian condiments that are available at Fry’s. They may as well have called it “This Stuff Is For Ted.”

    I’ve never really been a target market before…