Last weekend, on the 5th, I picked up and flew out to Flabob Airport in Riverside. Flabob’s my favorite kind of airport – small and full of activity. There’s a good inexpensive cafe there, and flying in is a good way to sharpen up my uncontrolled field skills. It was very hazy in the basin, partially due to all the wildfires, and not a perfect day for sightseeing from the air. Still it’s always nice to get up and see the world.  I popped in for lunch and a couple turns around the pattern.

On the way home it sounded as if someone had wandered into an airspace they should not have been in. I heard an airliner get a landing clearance canceled. I heard a similar problem last time, which I hope is just bad luck, not an indication of a rise in pilot deviations.

I took a few pictures at Flabob:

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