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I’ve got to say, 3 significant figures of accuracy on a 29 year projection is pretty impressive. Or something.

For an administration run by a uniter (not a divider), it sure has a penchant for building walls.

Mmmmmm. Frivolously suing lawyers makes for good fun (from BoingBoing). Best quote:

Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it.

The Monty Hall problem remains confusing to people (from SlashDot).

The Santa Monica city council is trying to regulate jets at SMO, and this perturbs the FAA.

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  1. meg Says:

    Our geologist friends are very irritated by that press release. For one thing, it’s nothing we didn’t already know; in fact, the researchers sewed some sequins on another team’s data and released it as their own. They also wrote up the press release in such a way to make it extra easy for the media to misinterpret, which they have duly done.