Into the Longbox (last week)

  • Shazam The Monster Society of Evil, issue #4 of 4
    • Jeff Smith  has tied up his Captain Marvel series in fine form.  It’s still a little disconcerting to see old CM rendered in Bone style rather than looking like Fred MacMurray as he should.  Overall he captures the whimsy and adventure of the Fawcett Marvels’ universe very well, dropping just enough grit in to keep it from being too dull without marring the place up.  And anything featuring 2 100-story columns of cockroaches is pretty awesome.
  • Captain America #28
    • I hate to keep reviewing CA issues by saying that the pot’s cooking, but the pot’s cooking.  It’s a great strength of Brubaker and Epting that this continuing simmer doesn’t feel like a slog.  It’s honestly envoyable to watch this all unfold.  It’ll be nice when something does come to a head, but this kind of stake out isn’t a chore.
  • Will Eisner’s The Spirit
    • Still great.  We get a nice bit of characterization of Satin that’s not news to any old Spirit fans, and a continuing slow burn of the Octagon/Octopus plot.  Really the only place this could go is down.  And I’ll be there when it does.

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