Going in the Longbox reviews

  • Jonah Hex #21
    • Another solid issue. Well drawn, clear storytelling, and an interesting read. It remains an unconnected series of vignettes, which limits my love for it. It’s so nice to see a non-superhero big 3 book that I’d be willing to keep reading it on that basis alone. Fortunately, it’s also decent work.
  • All-Star Superman #8
    • Still great stuff in general, but man do I dislike Bizarro stories. I understand that any reworking of the silver age is going to have a couple, but man do I dislike the Bizarros – I totally feel for Zibarro here. Morrison manages to put some clever ideas in there (and kudos for actually stating the probability figures correctly on Zibarro’s appearance), of course. The overall plot’s moving along at just the right pace and now that Superman’s back off the Bizarro World, I’m really looking forward to next issue. Do I have to say that I’m enjoying the art? Well, with this being a Bizarro story, I followed the action for pages at a time without reading the horrible pigdin English coming out of the Bizarros’ mouths and felt the pacing and followed the story. Awesome.
  • Nexus #99
    • It’s tough to overstate how happy I am to see new Nexus book from Baron and Rude. Nexus is probably my favorite comics series from the 80’s, and really doesn’t need any qualifiers for greatness. The first 51 issues are as good as anything ever done in the medium, and though it wandered a little in the next 48, it’s still an amazingly strong comic. The Dude’s art just gets better with age, and the plotting and world view stills feels as fresh and crisp as if it had been being published consistently rather than just coming off a 10 year hiatus. Grab a copy and play along!

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