Yes, I’m a geek

I know that’s not news, but the thing that made me realize this today was walking through Manhattan Beach with friends and hearing a fellow playing with his cell phone. It was beeping out short and long beeps like: … – – … . You may be way ahead of me here, but the fellow had rigged his phone to spell out SMS in morse code when someone texted him.

Now, it’s geeky enough to figure that out. What disturbed me was that I didn’t work at it, I just reacted to it.
It disturbed me even more that my next reaction was “I’m so blogging this.”

One Response to “Yes, I’m a geek”

  1. john Says:

    I have a exmodel/Rn wife and one day I was doing some programming just for fun…I wasn’t getting enough randomization from the default subroutines. The wife walks in and says “what are you doing” and I reply “I having a problem with the randomness of the randomize command so I writing a nested bubble loop to make their command more effective” and she says “dork” and walks out. So I thought about it for a few and had to laugh “I guess she’s right”