I don’t know why this is so funny to me…

Remember a few years ago when GWB and company mailed out all those up to $300.00 checks as a little bribe to support their tax policies? Well, I got a check and never cashed it. I meant to cash it and make a charitable contribution or burn it as avgas or something, but I never quite remembered to. The first check expired and they sent me another, with the interest on my $300.00 dutifully added in. We went round on it a couple times, and I’ve still never cashed it. I think they’ll still mail me a cashable one (the last one has also expired) if I call a number or something.
But, despite the fact that I’ve never taken a dollar of the bribe, they send me a 1099 for the interest every year. This strikes me as hysterically funny.

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