Review: Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather is a good deal of fun, but there are no surprises in here for a Carl Hiaasen fan.  That is not to say that the plot is predictable or that the characters are uninteresting.  They are Hiaasen characters: quirky without being outlandish, rougish without being trite.  Everyone is acting as people – sometimes bad people – will and Hiaasen hands out just desserts by the end.

The setting for this outing is the mid 1990’s immediately following one of the big hurricanes that devastated South Florida.  Hiaasen is less interested in the power of nature than the gang of opportunists and petty crooks that the event brings out of the woodwork.  He’s also interested in the forces of justice, such as they are, in the guise of his recurring ex-Florida Givernor turned unlikely vigilante  and some other folks he recruits.

The setting was a little jarring – it’s surprising how much has changed in 15 years – but a well preserved slice of the time.  And people are the same.


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