Today I completed my first 50k racewalk. I earned a silver medal, 2nd place in the women’s USA national championship 50k. Then I ate waffles, and walked right into the ocean.

I am overwhelmed by today — I have spent time with people who have inspired me, who have shown me kindness, total strangers who have come over to shake my hand and tell me they respect me, and how strong I am. And I have cried watching my teammates cross the finish line, knowing what they were dealing with, how much pain they were in, how much it took to stick to the end.

Western Women Go The Distance.

4 Responses to “YES!!!!!!!!”

  1. Bart Massey Says:

    Congrats!! Awesome. Your courage and determination is truly inspiring. Great job.

  2. Bart Massey Says:

    BTW, thought you might like this webcomic.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

  3. bpod Says:

    I am so thrilled for you and your AMAZING accomplishment. The strength and resoluteness exhibited by you and your teammates is an inspiration to women everywhere. I really wish I could have been there to help cheer you on, but I hear Ted’s got a big enough mouth for the both of us :-)

    kitchen, kids, and kleenex? and kick-ass and kindness and kissing and kismet and keynote-speeches and kinetics and kinship and knee-braces and knowledge and kung fu and… clearly this dude needs to expand his vocabulary.

  4. Fascination Place » Congratulations! Says:

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