“If you ever want to see an example of social decline, just subscribe to the Madonna [email] list for a while.” — Peter Uchytil

Pete’s a fine observer of human society, but if you really want to be depressed, try to board a commercial airliner. Nothing could be more straightforward: fill in from the back. You can go on early if you need to pull your wheelchair or children on. Stow your bags and go. If we all do this simple intuitive thing together we get on the plane and be that much closer to getting off.

But, no.

Everyone’s special. If not special enough to believe that the numbers aren’t for them, special enough not to listen at all. It’s absolutely maddening. Just fill the goddamn plane back-to-front. Have your ticket ready for the person to take – that’s why the nice agent is there. Don’t get me started about the “carry on” baggage that they could have another whole person in, or the cell phone they’re talking into while the numbers they’re ignoring are being read.

And the dumb thing is that all these shenanigans cause them as much trouble as they cause me. People can’t act reasonably when it’s in their own best interest to do so, and simple to see the right course. Hell, we can’t get “fill the plane back-to-front” right, how are we gonna survive in times of crisis?

Nah, I don’t have a point. Just needed to get it out of my system.

Next time, stupidity in the air.

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