The Terrifying (yet Wonderous) World in which We Live

When I debug, which I’m doing now, I frequently hum songs to myself about puzzles or looking for answers – you know – songs about debugging. R. E. M.’s Strange is in heavy rotation for this and I’m sure you can guess others. Today’s was the refrain “I know there’s something going on…” repeated with a little baseline I won’t try to reproduce for you. Unfortunately, I began to think “who did that song?” and promptly distracted myself. I’m pretty good at “name that 80’s song” and really perturbed myself at not being able to think of this.
Google found the lyrics for me on the second hit. I am terrified and delighted. I console myself by realizing that I was able to get an attribute-based fix on it: “it was that girl from ABBA.”

Now back to something that’s going on…

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