Congratulations to Rod

Rod's graduation.Rod Van Meter, famed in song and story, walked in graduation this week. This puts the formal cap on his long quest for a Ph.D – in Quantum Computing, because he’s got to have the weirdest thing on the menu. Rod’s a great guy and a smart one and I’m happy to see him pass another milestone (if you know what I mean and I think you do). Now he’ll be learning how much and how little those 3 letters are worth.

He actually earned his degree a while ago. This post is mostly a chance for anyone who actually reads this to stare in awe at his bad-ass graduation threads. I’m delighted to have done my own Ph.D where I did, but no one at Wisconsin has ever looked that cool at graduation.

I’m also quite certain that this is the first and I presume the last time I’ll ever characterize Rod as looking cooler than anyone else. Perhaps that’s worth all those long hours in the library.

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