Review: The Ark

I do enjoy me the occasional potboilerThe Ark falls squarely in that topic.  It is Boyd Morrison’s tale of a two-fisted engineer and his beautiful archaeologist partner saving the world from a megachurch-founding Bond villain while racing to discover the secret behind Noah’s Ark.  In some sense there’s nothing more to say.

I’ll say a little more.

I found this because I met the author’s sister a few times.  That probably colors my review favorably, but I hope not too much.

It’s a very well written, tightly plotted thriller.  The plot’s intricate and zippy.  This is a fun book to read on a plane or generally while the time away with. A snappy plot is harder to execute than many people think.  There’s got to be enough intricacy to keep the reader interested and belief suspended without getting bogged down in excessive description or exposition.  Morrison roars down that fine line like it’s a wide boulevard.  He’s clearly mastered this and enjoying it; his delight is infectious.

Don’t expect great literature, but it is great fun.


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