Into the longbox reviews

  • Jonah Hex #23: Another perfectly reasonably executed western tale. The thing about Jonah Hex that’s going to kill the series is that there’s no story. Every month something bad happens to some one, Jonah’s involved (and a cipher) and he rides off. There’s no inkling that there’s a story behind it all, or that anything different is going to happen in the book. It’s Gunsmoke with slower moving pictures. To an extent, that’s fine, but I may have seen enough Gunsmoke.
  • Doktor Sleepless #2: Now, things are moving along. I found issue #1 not to be very enticing, but this issue’s worth it for the Transmetropolitan-esque commercial on page 1 alone.

    More importantly, Ellis and Rodriguez are starting to build a complex world up where it seems not even our protagonist understands it all. Seeing a villain’s face doesn’t hurt the dramatic tension level, either. There’s still a lot of scene-setting and exposition, but the creepy, incongrous bits are starting to burrow into my subconscious and look for things to connect to. I expect I’ll be surprised by what they find.

    Reading Doktor Sleepless is starting to feel like reading The Invisibles did; like Grant Morrison was distilling a mad worldview into pictures and beaming it into your brain. That beam, and I suspect Ellis’s and Rodriguez’s, was like a locked missle. After a certain point escaping it was impossible. Issue 2 may be that point for Doktor Sleepless.

    I don’t really understand how Ellis and Rodriguez picked up so much speed between the end of issue #1 and the end of issue #2, but it’s got the ugly feel of an exponential curve. If this title keeps getting stronger at this rate, the first trade paperback will be classified as a munition.

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