Review: Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls

David Sedaris doesn’t change much.  That’s to be expected from a man who has written compellingly about his OCD, but it leaves a reviewer in a difficult place.

Owls marks his return to the short personal essay after  Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk‘s side trip into fable.  I liked Chipmunk, but I’m not sure it was as well received as his essays.  It’s unfair to start by saying that the man doesn’t change when stepping slightly outside his comfort zone gets him zapped.  Still, if you picked up any of his other works, the content and format of Owls is no surprise.

I quite enjoyed Owls. Sedaris writes charmingly about himself, his quirky world, and our quirky world.  Spending a few hours in his literary company is entertaining and rewarding.  Owls is written by Sedaris the established writer, and it is a little sad that it is not as thrilling and unexpected as Naked, but it is every bit as enjoyable.

This is good fun if you like Sedaris’s writing.  If you have disliked his work in the past, this isn’t going to win you over.

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