Going in the Longbox

  • Moon Knight #11
    • Man, I need to drop this.  This time little happened with jarring out of order storytelling.  One more issue, I promise.
  • Will Eisner’s The Spirit #7
    • Filler issue where a few other comics artists take a swing at the new Spirit.  The Simonson Sprouse & Story and the Palmiotti stories are OK, but nothing too special.  I didn’t enjoy the Baker story at all – which is very rare for me.  This issue really showcases how hard it is to write a Spirit story.  These folks are all great comics creators, and working in the 8-page boundaries and other conventions of a Spirit story none of them nail it.  There’s nothing awful here, but nothing brilliant, either.  I’d skip it unless you’re a completist.
  • Jonah Hex #20
    • Hex continues to be solid.  Nothing jaw-dropping, but a  solid run with an interesting anti-hero.  Consistently decent.
  • Captain America #27
    • The pot continues to stir.  We check in with all the major players and things move.  I don’t quite buy the Winter Soldier’s motivation, but if you believe he’d want to do this, it’s nice to watch him work.  Great superhero stuff, even in the constraints of the big doings at Marvel.
  • Black Summer #0
    • If you know what Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp are up to this summer, you don’t need to see this.  If you’re not, this lets you see the set up and a few pages of sample art for a buck.  It’s worth that to read Warren ranting in the back.  Worth a buck, easy.

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