Today’s the anniversary of a bunch of cool and amazing things:

  • Thor Heyerdahl began his act of manliness
  • The first night organized baseball game was played
  • A spectacular airframe failure
  • The first space tourist went up
  • James Doohan was buried in space

It’s also the birthday of Lee Falk, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Harper Lee, Carolyn Jones, Saddam Hussein, Terry Pratchett, Jay Leno, Kari Whurer, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, and me.

Wikipedia doesn’t mention that last one.

It’s the first birthday in a while that’s had any kind of real implications. I can’t stand an hour and a half at Special Training any more and I have to get flight physicals more often. I can still drink, be sued, and vote, though.

Brenda took me to lunch and I got a haircut.

One Response to “Anniversaries”

  1. Phil Says:

    Happy Birthday!