So Long Dwayne

I found out that Dwayne McDuffie died today. I’ve never met him, and only knew him through his work.  But I’m very sad that the fellow who introduced me to Virgil Hawkins passed away.

I haven’t read a lot of McDuffie’s other work, but Static was enough to convince me that he was a man who remembered what it was like to be a kid and could communicate how comics made that fun.  Static had that great mix between fantasy and reality, childhood and adulthood that makes you remember your own childhood more fondly.  The stories were short, intelligent, and fun with the best parts of late 70’s Marvel to them.  They were the kinds of stories you could both admire and lose yourself in.

I’m sorry to hear the man who gave me the chance to read those is gone.

So it goes.

One Response to “So Long Dwayne”

  1. meg Says:

    Yeah, the Comix Scholars mailing list has been abuzz since the news hit on CR. So sad — and he was only a few months older than me! Apparently it was incredibly sudden; he was supposed to come speak to someone’s classes on friday.

    I went back and reread our single email exchange (he was on the list too). Sigh.