Review: The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

I love how the Kindle encourages reading classics.  In the abstract.  This is Sir James Knowles’s translation and packaging of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, and while one can’t argue with the stories pedigree, they’re a little dull to modern ears.

There are some classic tales in here, but overall the stories seem to run together a bit, and few of the knights come across as individuals.  There’s also little overall dramatic structure to the stories as a group.  If you’ve heard some of the Arthur legends it is interesting to see the source material, but I cannot imagine anyone falling in love with the mythos from this.

One Response to “Review: The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights”

  1. George Farber Says:

    Ready my knights for battle. They will ride with their king once more. I have lived through others for far too long. Lancelot carried my honor, and Guenevere, my guilt. Mordred bears my sins. My knights have fought my causes. Now, my brother, I shall be… king.