Great Moments in Kibology

These are my current ten favorite Kibology postings from my archive.

  1. The prince of tildes' flame re: Banning John_-_Winston
    This may be my favorite rant ever posted
  2. Maybe the perfect a.r.k. post from Matt McIrvin
    Sublime, from the meta-trolls while explaining trolling to the twist ending.
  3. Paul Phillips encounters the GOOD TIMES virus
    Breaks me up every time I read it
  4. Kibo and Ted Frank discuss Bulworth and other topics
    Another gem, from the irrelevent Subject line to the Bugsy Malone and Fred Willard references
  5. Matt McIrvin and Speed sequels
    Any joke involving continental drift works for me
  6. Matt McIrvin addresses Kibology's most serious problem
    An old one but a good one
  7. Matt McIrvin on why Seinfeld is great Sci-Fi
    A keen observation and a humorous post
  8. Kibo dodges jury duty
    A great Internet shaggy dog story
  9. Ted Frank gives technical support
    Scathing and delightful as only Ted Frank can be
  10. Is the Net about meaningful friendships?
    I love it for the Nixon masks
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