Who Is This Guy?

The short answer is that I'm a guy who likes computers and networks. I also like comics and writing and flying and a bunch of other things that other people on the 'net seem to enjoy, so I decided to get in on the fun in my spare time. The result is the sprawling metropolis you see before you, conveniently located in high Earth orbit.

The longer answer follows. Danger, possible sleep inducing matter ahead. Do not drive into the smoke.

I was born and grew up in Elmira, New York. Elmira's a small town in upstate New York which I've been told is in the middle of nowhere, but never seemed that way to me. It has the interesting attribute of being close to the World Headquarters of Corning Glass Works and Cornell University, but really having no equivalent center of culture or industry. The result is a rural community from which people can easily reach more cosmopolitan entertainments. It makes an interesting mix.

I grew up there as a geek, but fortunately enough was able to find a lot of outlets that are inaccessible to geeks in other places. There were computers, one of the best comic shops I've had the pleasure of patronizing (Comics for Collectors that began in Ithaca), and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, among other more common small town pursuits.

After graduating from Southside High School in Elmira, I began a cross-country trek that would last almost a decade. The first stop was Washington University in St. Louis where I picked up a B.S. in Computer Science, a spate of fine stories, some excellent friends, and a love of Karate. From there, the home of The Badger called; five years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison brought a Ph.D in CS, a love of Badger Hockey, fond memories of Pat McCurdy (y'know I got to sing at the Terrace (thanks Karen)), a skill at being a barfly, and more good friends.

Graduation from the UW brought me to the west coast. I do research for the University of Southern California at their Information Sciences Institute by day, and fight crime by night. It's a great place to work, where you can collaborate freely with the people who wrote the technical specifications for the Internet, and continue to play a large role in shaping policy and protocols for the future net.

In 2001 I got my private pilot's license, and bought a 1974 Piper Archer. Flying is one of my favorite things in the world and whenever I get the chance I'm usually doing it.

So that's where I came from, which is what most people want to know when they ask who you are. Stuff about souls is tough to get to.

If you've actually made it to the bottom of this page, drop me a line, especially if you're a veteran of any of these places.

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