A Layover in TV Nation

I don't own a television. It's not a protest or commentary on the medium. My decision is purely practical. If I have a TV, I watch it. Indiscriminately.

That's not conjecture; a lot of my youth was spent watching TV, and I have a disturbingly accurate set of memories of old TV shows. So on those occasions that I have unlimited access to a TV, it's a reunion with long-lost friends.

I had a reunion last week, in Atlanta. Here's what I've noticed going on in TV land.

David Letterman's going bald. It's distressing to see the man I spent so many nights with in high school growing visibly older. I always thought of Dave as being some kind of immortal force for cynicism and humor, and now he's aging. But, I suppose I am, too.

Speaking of aging, the person who played Tutti on The Facts of Life is still getting roles in sitcoms. John Heidemann and I are probably the only ones who care, and I'm uncertain if I'm reassured or revolted. But I suppose TV needs Tutti.

There seems to be a lot of good animation these days. The new Superman/Batman show was stylishly done, and well written. Of course, you're not getting The Tempest in a half-hour animated kids' comic book, but the shows I saw were well paced with reasonable characters. I saw a Superman episode written by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer of Milk and Cheese and Action Girl fame. If they're attracting those caliber writers, the show will do well. I certainly enjoyed it.

Sam and Max also seems to be coming to TV. The comic is hysterical, and if you like the Tick, I suggest checking them out. I've seen all of one commercial, and I'd like to see more.

And the winner for best punned title? Another animated series: Spider-Man's Web Files.

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