Mojo the Aviation Monkey

Mojo, below, is a simple Java applet that occasionally puts a message up in a word balloon over the background image of the applet. As instantiated below, he's a little fuzzy monkey who lives in 32169. He occasionally spouts aviation wisdom.

Here's an example invocation:

Mojo the Aviation Monkey
	    <object class="trick" codebase="/~faber/java/mojo"
	      classid="java:MojoApplet.class" archive="mojo.jar" height="150"
	      <param name="OriginX" value="0.625"/>
	      <param name="OriginY" value="0.95"/>
	      <param name="image" value="mojo_head.gif"/> 
	      <param name="clickedsayings" value="on_page"/> 
	      <param name="timedsayings" value="sayings"/> 
	      Mojo the Aviation Monkey

Mojo is actually a fairly general little applet that could be used to produce quotes in word balloons over arbitrary images. Use its powers only for good. The applet has the following parameters:

A real number that gives the x location of the tail of the word baloon. The left edge of the applet is OriginX = 0.0 and the right is 1.0. This allows you to put the tail of the word balloon where it works for your image.
The analog of OriginY for the vertical location. The top of the applet is 0.0 and the bottom 1.0.
The URL image to be used as the background. Relative URLs are relative to the applet's codebase.
The URL of a file of quotes to be displayed on mouse clicks. The same resolution rules apply as fir image.
The order that the quote file is traversed. If serial is used, the quotes are displayed in the same order they are in the file, one per click. If random is given, the order is non-deterministic.
These are the analogs for sayings that appear at random intervals.
The amount of time in seconds that a word balloon that has been displayed after a period of time is held on. Clicked sayings remain up as long as the button is held. This value defaults to 10 seconds.
The mean time in seconds between a saying being taken down and a new one being displayed. The distribution is exponential, so actual times will vary. This defaults to 10 seconds.

You're welcome to use the Mojo code, which is available as a JAR file or a GNU zipped tar file. I provide no warrantees. Do not sell it or products directly derived from it without attribution. If you do something fun with it let me know. Enjoy.

As with my hold quiz, I don't feel any need to distribute Mojo as shareware, but if you must give money to someone in appreciation, the AOPA, EAA, and other fine general aviation agencies all need money. Feel free to send them a buck on my behalf, or to buy some fuel from your local airport and go fly. Tell 'em Mojo sent you.

Occasionally Mojo gets confused if a click-generated saying is up when the timer goes off. If he seems to be too quiet for a while, reload the page.

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