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RICHH is one of my favorite net.writers who haunted several newsgroups in the late 80's and early 90's. He's rude, cude, lyrical, wise and funny.

Much of his work is sexually explicit and uses language that people find offensive. The most sexually explicit stories are marked or separated for those who want to avoid them. In any case, if you find certain words or stories containing explicit sex inherently offensive, there are stories here that will offend you. If you are offended by such things, or are below the age of consent and your parents or guardians would object, don't read them.

I've never met or talked to RICHH, and I first saw many of these postings as reposts, or found them in collections, or heard them whispered to me in the night.

I apologize for my lateness in updating this page, but it's the worst sort of thing to have to change, so I found many ways to put it off. RICHH passed away in late 2001. There were obituaries printed at the time, but I don't know anything not printed in them. I intend to keep his stories available. Please read and enjoy.

The Stories

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